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Our Mission Statement:

Our team of highly trained professional photographers will capture the highest quality color images showcasing dancers in the best possible light.  Our friendly, helpful desk staff will guide you on our User Friendly display system to make viewing, ordering and shipping quick and easy.

Staff at Charles Ryder Photography

10 Reasons why Charles Ryder Photography IS your No. #1 choice:

  1. Highly trained professional photographers - Most of our staff have been competition ballroom dancers! We know what to look for and will capture poses that make you look good!
  2. Multiple photographers - We don’t go to ANY dancesport event with only ONE photographer. We use multiple photographers to make sure we get maximum coverage. All our photographer’s have been “published” in newspaper, magazine and/or books.
  3. Quality color images & quality printing - Great color photos start with knowledge of color imaging. Never settle for photos with an orange/red color cast. Our photographers start with correct color balance "in camera", then photos are sent to our photo lab for accurate color printing.
  4. Professional, inviting booth presentation – You'll be happy to have us represent your dance event with a professional looking booth. Always clean and organized, with new equipment and great posters.
  5. Friendly, helpful desk staff - Our desk staff are bright, cheery and helpful. You’ll always feel welcome to sit down, view photos and ask for assistance.
  6. User Friendly iPad system – We use high-resolution retina-display iPads. Simple “touch screen” technology makes it easy for customers to view photos.
  7. Photos are sorted by Dancer – Our easy, convenient sorting will allow you to find your dance photos literally within seconds!! Don’t sit for hours looking for photos listed by time!
  8. Speedy printing and shipping – ALL photos ordered at the dance competition are mailed within 7-days. And if you’re really anxious, CD’s with jpeg images are made while you wait AT THE EVENT!
  9. Very reasonable fees - Our pricing for photos are the most reasonable in the dance industry.
  10. Fun photos & social media – (upon request) We will provide fun photos in the warm-up areas, banquet room, people having fun and candid photos of dancers for promotional use and/or social media.